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Another fan shares her thoughts

Reflections on Miriam’s Stellar Performance at the Kol B’Ramah Nishma Concert
From the moment Miriam alit atop the stage on Wednesday evening,June 16th the room was acrackle with electricity.
Three women who had traveled into Passaic from Lakewood and Monsey had just gotten up to leave,after having noticed the time, and immediately sank right back down again,transfixed by Miriam’s dramatic entry onto the stage.
Was it the mischievous twinkle in her eyes that seemed to interlock with each member of the audience? Perhaps it was the soulful emotion seeming to emanate from every fiber of her being. Maybe it was her pure words spoken from the heart about how meaningful the concert was to her and how honored she felt to be singing that night for the women of the group Aviv.
Suffice it to say, it was a dynamite combination of all of the above
and more,much more. One thing I know for sure,though.After having the zchus of hearing the velvety melange of Miriam Sandler’s voice descending to the depths and seconds later swelling to the heights,I thank Hashem for creating two very magical gifts,both synonomous with each other; the gift of magnificent music and the gift of Miriam Sandler.

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  • Comment by yocheved

    Our dancing is permeated with kavana from Miriam’s soulful lyrics. The beat and energy transforms our dance moves into prayer. Emes permeates her songs giving higher purpose and surrounds us and touches our minds and souls connecting to our movements. CLI, Creative Learning Institute of Dance thanks you for your music that we use for Torah Fusion Dance. May your beautiful music continue to flow from your neshama out to the world, and may we dance together in a circle of Thanks like Miriam Haneviah and the women for Geulah!! from Yocheved Polonsky founder of CLI, a Judaica Dance School in Cleveland OHIO,

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